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17 Oct 2016

T D Sheerness-on -Sea

I have had a problem with mice for some time. After CreatureLess Comfort recently treated my office building I thought It may be time to get in a professional so I approached Mat and told him the problem. Following an initial inspection Mat explained the reality of my rodent problem which was in danger of becoming out of control.

I loved the friendly, informative service and learned so much about the breading cycle of rodents, now, after two treatments and a final inspection, I'm pleased to say that I can enjoy the CreatureLess Comfort of my mouse free house.

Well done Mat and the team @ CreatureLess Comfort.

Kelly H. Sittingbourne.

Thank you CreatureLess Comfort! After a couple of years of unwanted visitors who liked to have their annual vacation in our loft and trying to get rid of them on our own, you've solved the problem! Really helpful advice and a no fuss solution!

Thank you!

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