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Common Pests

Mice; If you think you have mice there are a few things to look out for firstly check for signs of damage to food products for example holes in cereal boxes or bags of flour. You may see gnaw marks in the kitchen cupboards, on the skirting boards, plastic pipes or electrical cables.

Small holes in the walls or floor that may have a dark smear on one edge and most common sign.....

small rice size droppings.

Treatment is a fixed price trapping or rodenticide programme, depending on your preference, requiring a minimum 2 visits.

Rats, If you think you may have rats have a look for signs of damage, especially on electrical cables. Large holes could be found in door ways or walls. A dirty 'smear' mark along walls and around the edge of holes and finally the all too familiar raisin size dark droppings clustered together.

If you find any of these signs in or around your home out fixed price, minimum 2 visit, treatment using your preference of trapping or rodenticide control is available.

Fleas, A very common pest that is often introduced to the property via pets, however they can and do find other ways in. Pests carry pests. Many unwanted small furry things carry Fleas (along with other things but we wont go there) Rats, Mice and Squirrels are all capable of carrying fleas, humans too, on their clothing.

Just because you don't have a pet does not mean you cant get fleas.

Things to look out for a small bites, generally on the lower leg (see additional images page)

Fleas are about the size of a grain of sand and dark in colour, they are difficult to see unless they jump and catch your eye.

Treatment is a fixed price 2 visit treatment using an insecticide residual spray.

Wasps, If you think you have Wasps have a look for...... Wasp activity. If you start to see an increase in activity in your house or garden, if you see wasps flying from or entering a hole in a wall, post, air vent, loft space or shed DO NOT approach or disturb the nest ( see additional images page)

Wasps will attack as one if their nest is disturbed or damaged in any way.

A fixed price single visit is required (discounts are available for any subsequent nests treated at the time of the visit)

We offer a free investigation prior to any treatment to confirm wasp nests.

Cockroaches, These are a little tricky because they are nocturnal (active at night) More commonly found in kitchens they may be seen on the floor, work surfaces or even the walls. Cockroaches tend to scuttle off as soon as the light goes on making them difficult to identify.

A simple investigation and a 1 or 2 visit treatment programme (depending on species) is available for a fixed price.

Bed Bugs, I know , no one likes to think or talk about bed bugs but they are more common than many people realise. Bed bugs are one of the more difficult pests to control, in fact, the bed bug is completely nocturnal and is attracted to body heat and Co2 so when we are in bed sleeping soundly our deep slow breaths and nice warm bodies are a beacon to any present bed bugs to come out and investigate.

 Bite marks can be found on the body, especially the torso. ( see additional images page)

A survey is required to ascertain bed bug problems and if treatment is required, FULL cooperation from you is essential to control the problem.

Depending on the size of the property and problem a fixed price treatment using a residual insecticide is available and a minimum 2 visits will be required.

Ants, Ants come in many different sizes and colours, black, red, brown, from

Ants are usually found outside, where they belong, however you may discover them living in your home. If this is the case you will notice lots of activity around the nest site.

Ants will be continually coming and going, they are attracted to mainly sweet sticky foods and will make a bee line for them (please pardon the phrase)

Treatment is subject to survey and species identification and generally requires just one visit for a fixed price.

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