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Pest Control
Making unwanted creatures LESS comfortable

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Here at Creature Less Comfort, we aim to deliver a cost effective solution for ALL your pest control needs wherever you are in Kent.  Whether you have a small office or a mansion, a little bedsit or a big factory we can offer a pest control solution to suit you. We understand that having unwanted pests in your home, or place of work can be distressing. So let us make the process of pest control as stress free as possible for you. Our service is both discreet and professional, 

Residential/Domestic Services

CreatureLess Comfort will deal with all your Pest Control needs from Mice in the Basement to Wasps in the Attic and everything in-between.

We offer a cost effective solution with fixed prices and a no nonsense approach. Based In Sheerness we are only a phone call or email away.

Non toxic trapping programmes are available.

Unique Inspection Certificate

At CreatureLess Comfort we have many ideas to help give you peace of mind.

Our technician will visit your company and complete a thorough inspection for pest activity.  If none is found a certificate will be issued stating that your premises is free from infestation. this will be valid for three months, fixed prices and big discounts are available on any required treatment for the duration of the certificates validity.

Industrial/Commercial Services

CreatureLess Comfort offer various pest control solutions. In addition to Pay per visit, we offer annual contracts, price are subject to survey and property size. Our contracts offer an immediate control treatment of pests plus a monthly inspection and treatment as and when required.

Non toxic trapping programmes are available. All treatment programmes are available out of hours.